Who Are We?

OTC GLOBAL LTD.  is an introducing broker,

working with international banks and brokerage firms to bring the most

specialized financial services for the likes of individuals and companies.


Our Mission

To Bring the most sophisticated financial services that are only reserved for the Ultra High Net-worth Individuals or Multinational Corporations, to regular individuals and small and mid size companies.


Whether its for Investing purposes, protecting their assets, hedging their financial risk, raising capital and refinancing their loans, 

OTC Global Group  believes it can make a difference to its clients.




Multi - Currency Bank Accounts   
Numbered Accounts

Digital Assets


Fixed Income (IG, Emerging and HY bonds)
International Mutual Funds
SMAs (separated Managed Accounts)


Currencies; Spot, Forwards & Options:

(regulated & OTC)
Commodities Futures & Options:

(Oil, Nat Gas, Gold, Silver, etc.)
Equities and CFDs:

Index and Equity Options

(CME, CBOE, Mexder,  etc.)

Our Services

Invests its clients' pooled funds into securities that match declared financial objectives. Provide investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have by themselves.  Investors can be individual or corporate.

M&A, raising Capital, Corporate Financing, Abroad Companies Formation, International Corporate & Tax Planning, contact us to see how we can help you.

Global Payments

Alpha risk adjusted return is very hard to get for portfolio managers, whether is an individual portfolio, a company long term treasuries or pension fund , our CTA program (Commodity Trading Adviser ) can help you achieve uncorrelated market returns to accomplish that goal.

Along with the expertise of our trading partners, we can work with your CFO, treasurer or risk department to establish a comprehensive and cost effective hedging strategy for your company.